Beverly “Guitar” Watkins ft Rick Fowler Band – Rock Me Baby (Live-2017)

“Ya’ll ready for a little blues?” Beverly “Guitar” Watkins, recently recovered from a bout of pneumonia, performing with the Rick Fowler Band at the Foundry in Athens, Ga. Grateful to be on stage, the energetic 78-year-old blues legend has been performing since the ’50’s when she was a member of Piano Red’s band in Atlanta, Ga. The Rick Fowler Band also has a lifetime of experience and is a world class ensemble that skillfully supports Beverly whenever they play together. Rick Fowler – guitar, vocals. Michael Doke – slide guitar, vocals. Deane Quinter – drums, vocals. Greg Veale – bass, vocals. Tim White – Hammond organ.
Sadly, Ms. Beverly passed away Oct. 1, 2019 after complications from a stroke. Her energy, love, and spirit is sorely missed. #kimsvideowall


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