Monsieur Doumani – Ο αχάπαρος (Out-of-touch guy)

Breakaplate presents Monsieur Doumani performing their song “Out-of-touch guy”/ ‘Ο αχάπαρος’

Ο αχάπαρος/Out-of-touch guy (A. Antoniou)

“Ahaparos”, a satirical song with music and lyrics by Antonis Antoniou, which was inspired by an unfortunate incident that the group experienced at a festival in Cyprus last year. More specifically, the band was performing on one of Nicosia’s main streets, participating in the first Nicosia Buskers festival, when two policemen approached them and insisted on arresting them. After quite a long dispute, the band was given a fine for allegedly violating a colonial law against begging. After the huge attention that the incident got from social media, finally the government apologized to the band, and changed the law with regards to begging so that street artists are not anymore included! This song humorously describes the last thoughts of the chief policeman, some moments before he and his colleague decided to approach the band.

«I can’t stand these tramps any longer, holding those things that look like tins

They open their mouths and begin to murmur things, I think I’ve seen this [performing music] before but I’ve forgotten what it’s called.

Oh man, are these people normal? Just sitting here on the street, instead of going to a football match or a brothel, or to a betting shop, or even show off their macho selves at the horse races.

This is unacceptable, I am going to arrest them, and then I will be praised and promoted, for putting these tramps behind bars. No one’s going to call me chicken again”

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