Kim Nicolaou ft ‘Kimstyle TR’ 1977 Live via KimStyleTv Show

Kimstyle TR was Kim Nicolaou’s 1st Tour Band from 1976-1980 with Noel Durdant-Hollamby (Drums-Vocals), Kim Durdant-Hollamby (Lead Guitar-Vocals), John Griffin (Bass-Vocals) & Kim Nicolaou (Guitar-Vocals)

This recording was recorded LIVE in 1977 on the Cyprus Tour. It picks up from the last chorus of their single ”The Lady & The Parrot” & leads into Noel’s Drum Solo.

” The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are right now.” by Wilhemina de Boer

This is for Promotion of The Artists Works through our #KimstyleTv Show presented By #KimNicolaou #kimsvideowall


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