A #KimStyleProfile = $$$

KimStyleTv will allow it’s Pro Members and Special Members to Advertise on their #KimStyleTvProfile page and KEEP the money they CHARGE their Advertisers. KimstyleTv takes $10.00 Per Ad Per Week.
Explanation: You can place Ads on your profile page and charge 3rd party persons what you think is an ok price, let’s say One Ad @ $50.00 per week. That will earn you around $200.00+ per month of which you pay KimStyleTv $40.00. That leaves you with $160! That’s more than Royalties!
You can place 4 Ads on your Profile Page depending on your Quota and as we say, charge what you like.

Together Is Better

This means, that to earn such money, you need to create Traffic, as we explained, to make YOUR Profile Popular.
It all starts with a ‘LINK’

See The Video Here : https://www.kimnicolaou.com/video/kimstyletv-links-create-traffic-which-create-advertising-kim-nicolaou/