Pitbull ft Lady Gaga – La Cucaracha (comedy spoof)

A modernized comedy Reggaetón version of the well known Mexican folklore song “La Cucaracha”, performed by comedy character spoofs of LADY GAGA (Kimeta MrKulic) and PITBULL (Carlos A. Gonzalez).

The video is the brain-child of Comedians…..JESENIA (http://www.jeseniacomedy.com)
and CARLOS A. GONZALEZ (http://www.thecarlosgonzalez.com)

Directed by: STRATTON BAILEY (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3285930/) Makeup by: Meagan Hester

#Pitbull #LadyGaga #kimsvideowall-latin #CarlosAGonzalez #KimetaMrKulic


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