Trina C – From The Heart (2010)

Kim (Kyriacos) Nicolaou is undoubtedly a musician with talent and knowledge who was a pioneer in the music he was creating, always in front of the musical trends of his time and offered us originality within the Greek Music Industry and his stage presence was a reference point bypassing the narrow boundaries of Cypriot rock music and testing its strengths compared to European sizes successfully. More specifically, Kim Nicolaou was born in Saint Paul, Nicosia, where he left at the age of 5 for London. Growing up he began to listen to Beatles and George Martin while studying Accounting. At the age of 14 he was already a music prodigy child since he had already written his first songs, scripts for advertisements as well as short films such as “Hired Fired” which caused a sensation of at his age. At the same time, he had already formed his first band, “Fresh Beat,”


with which he sets the stage for publicly giving concerts in churches to prevent youths from drug abuse while the proceeds go to the churches In 1972, along with the talented musician John Griffin, Kimstyle Teenage Revolution is created and as a duet they record the legendary single “The lady and the parrot / Why” in Greek. Puritan and Conservative Cypriot public believes that track is dangerous to youth’s morals, therefore it’s censored and prohibits its broadcasting. Despite all the measures, it becomes a Greek Rock anthem to everyone’s lips and is the song that triggered a series of bands inspired by Kimstyle TR.Concerts were given with his band (Less Bros on Bass, Kim on Guitar, Noel- Drums) and they become the top Band across the whole of Cyprus by an enthusiastic youth who had never witnessed or seen something so special. In 1975, he joined the band Youngers with whom he gave a series of concerts, mainly for social events, since the band needed good stage presence and perfect knowledge of English songs. In the period 1978-1979 a clothing store opens, which also becomes a pole of attraction for youth, as there was no equivalent and so innovative in Cyprus.