Silia Kapsis – Liar | Cyprus Eurovision Entry 2024

Is Cyprus without Musicians/Writers who can perform the task of providing Cyprus with a Eurovision song? Is it possible that we have no talented people, or is it because PIK (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation) is Hell Bent on KSENOMANIA (Foreign Imports)?
The Cypriot entry for this year’s Eurovision is again NOT written by a Cypriot and Performed by an Australian-Cypriot. “Liar“, is a song written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel (Netherlands).

The whole thing is just a reincarnation of Britney Spears! It’s a typical Bop song and will come to its typical position at Eurovision if Greece gives their typical points! I doubt if it will pass the Semi-Final.
No offense to Silia for she’s certainly a vocalist in her own right and a bloody good dancer. It’s the system and our Artists that are doing nothing about it, that I’m angry about.