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By Joining and the Group #ArtistsUnitedMTV on the site you’ll be able to upload > Post > Share your Music/Videos to a Free Spirit, Open Minded streaming Live Tv channel. Join me, it’s Free and we’ll work together. Click the Link to see the video direct. Also look at the pics below for ‘Posting’ Info. Get your material on #kimsvideowall

The above Picture shows your STATUS entry. It has it all. In this one I’m UPLOADING the Video above in the POST. You can also upload Pics/Attach files and just about like any other Social Network except it’s PRIVATE and Real. (see next Pic below) Do it all on #kimsvideowall

After your Upload and you Click POST, you have a ‘LIKE’ (as others do), Comment Status, Share within the Group or Site and the best is SHARE ANYWHERE with ”Social Share”! That, my friends, you don’t get on other sites – especially Facebook. Also the player allows Download, speed of playback and if you want to do other stuff whilst video is playing, it has Picture-In-Picture as our Live Tv shows have. All possible through #kimsvideowall