Here is a Dude who’s not afraid of the ‘something’ NEW! I was recently sent a track to listen and give my opinion – so impressed I was I give the Dude a whole Post Page. Below is his New track with a Solid Kick and Bass line but with Hip-Hop style Vocals! You just gotta listen.

It’s called ‘Real Business’ and it’s the Re-Mix.

Jacob Colon makes another comeback with his remix of ‘Real Business’ from Reg B, where Jacob flips the vibe of the song on its head as those iconic eclectic drum patterns wash over you and get your feet moving in true Jacob Colon style. With a background of club-ready anthems already behind him like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Desert Storm’, and ‘Love Ahora’, it is clear to see that Jacob is well on his way to the top of the pile.  With his latest remix of ‘Real Business’, you can expect to be treated to that Latin inspired groove and undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with, and his latest remix of ‘Real Business’ is another to add to his discography of unmissable anthems. Paired with the solid lyrical work from Reg B that perfectly contrasts Jacob’s vibe, the two differing styles make it an unmissable anthem.

Jacob Colon surfaced in the house scene with a unique blend of Latin elements with rugged beats to create a smooth, yet hard driven percussive groove. His musical background, which includes playing the piano in a 6-piece band since the age of 16 as well as traveling playing gospel, jazz, R&B and other genres. His exposure to different sounds, combined with his skills playing different instruments and his own ear for sound, has led to widespread recognition, earning him the #1 Billboard award for “I am House”. He earned this achievement through his collaboration with legendary singer Crystal Waters. Driven by his need to make amazing music, Jacob continues to deliver a catalog of music filled with his unique mix of high energy, heavy basslines and drums through his label, Made to Move Records.