Hop Frog

Hop Frog is comprised of Jan Heywood who lives on the east coast and Tim Goodrich who lives
on the west coast. They met years ago in the Ozark mountains of Southwest Missouri. Jan, who
grew up on the east coast was enrolled in music school at age 5. Hated it !. Then comes the
guitar….loved it ! Went on to do some studio and consulting work for Columbia Records in
addition to being in a band auditioning for record companies. In spite of some success, he
decided to move to the country and bought a farm in the Ozarks. He played in a variety of bands
there from bluegrass to rock and blues and toured the Midwest. (He also plays 5 string
banjo,mandolin and some dobro). Hometown was Springfield and that is where he met Tim. Tim
was also introduced to music at an early age.

His mother, a piano teacher and father who was a
frustrated clarinetist Between both parents, he was exposed to classical, jazz and blues. He
loves classical literature and poetry which is a huge asset in writing lyrics. Tim’s music career
started as a folk singer and also as a street performer at San Francisco’s Fisherman.s Wharf.
So, at some point both Jan and Tim left the Ozarks but stayed in touch. One day Jan saw a post
of an original composition that Tim had posted on Facebook. Tim talked about the mix and how
he paid a considerable sum to have it mixed. After listening, I wrote him and told him I thought
the mix was awful and offered to remix it for him. Jan also saw that Tim had some very creative
lyrics and thought his voice had potential so he proposed they write some songs together. The
result has been extremely satisfying and Hop Frog was born !

I’ve selected a few of their tracks and you can find them under #Rock and #UnsignedArtists