Mal Shaw

Mal Shaw?

Bear with me.

It’s less than 24hrs since the news of Amy Winehouse, R.I.P, broke and although sad, very sad, in the world of showbiz, ‘the show must go on’.

True showbiz people live by this. I know I do. I would rather go like Tommy Cooper or Gene Pitney (on stage, performing and the next second ‘gone’). As Tommy would say ‘Just Like That’. To me Amy’s departure from this world is not really news. Just a sad affair. Like so many other talented people before her, gone. The reasons? They know the reason better than anyone, better than our 1000’s guesses. With respect I say R.I.P and let’s move on.

What’s this got to do with Mal Shaw? Who is Mal Shaw? I don’t know much about her (finer details), but I do know, from the moment I heard her on a recording (a link via Artists United) I knew that I hear a talent that will go ‘further’ than Amy.

I would like to say to Mal Shaw, to follow her heart and use the talent that was given to her and no matter what ‘pressure, problems’ that one has, adding ANY UNNATURAL substance in our body, won’t make it go away. The only thing that will go ‘away’ once hooked on such substances, is your ‘spirit and soul’.

A review of an upcoming Star. A talent waiting for the right moment. A review ‘before’ the fact.

Watch this space. I’ll be back, with Mal Shaw!


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