Cyprus: You Know Halloumi?

No Offense, but what I’ve seen of people here in Cyprus they look after ‘no.1’ until a TRAGEDY happens & that ALWAYS brings them TOGETHER! Why can’t they be a ‘TOGETHER‘ people ‘BEFORE‘ a TRAGEDY happens. 70% don’t even want to acknowledge the fact that they are occupied incase they ‘upset’ the occupiers (I won’t mention Turkey incase I upset anyone). Moaning about the economy is not as EFFECTIVE as hitting the streets & SHOWING ones disagreement. Most politicians, except a very few as in Zacharias Koulias, are rotting in their own rot. What I say? Krima (Sad) all the Heroes that got Hunged & Died for Cyprus to be FREE, & Democracy to survive. The problem Cyprus has is not it’s people but the INFLUENCE & HOLD the KOMATA (Political Parties) have OVER the people. Untill that changes, Cyprus & it’s people are a very sorry State. I know the truth hurts, but that is the truth!

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