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This is the 1st writing concerning the Artists that have joined us at FatsaFatsa , and are under our ‘umbrella’, so to speak. Nothing to do with Rihanna, although she would be very welcome.

It has been a busy month (July) and to be honest I have not stopped since 1966 when I formed my 1st band called ‘Fresh Beat’. Shame I didn’t register the name;-( I’ll give you a brief history from ’66 (jumping many years), by providing links to save space and time.

From 1966 to 1980 I had my band(s) and in those days we basically had newspapers and journals to ‘archive’ our historical journey. To shoot through these 14yrs below is a heavily edited interview (2hrs to a few minutes), the late Tommy Vance gave me at the BBC in 1981 (I believe).

A historical briefing from the Greek writer and journalist Dimitris Vasiliadis (sorry it’s in Greek), and a link to Wikipedia for verifying my bands introduction to Rock music in Cyprus.

I came into Management of Artists by accident. Having lived 3 years as a recluse (avoiding the music biz except from the writing side), I was visiting friends in Birmingham when I came across a Reggae band by the name of ODESSUS. The vocalist and his style impressed me and I decided to talk with them. Imagine, 3yrs out of the biz, UB40 at their highest and some dude (me) trying to get a bands attention. To them a ‘nobody’. Who the f##k are you the drummer asked…. and so on… I changed their name to Dessus and within 2 weeks (rather to their dislike) I released their 1st single. Sample below of how it was before I changed it and after I Produced it.

After the Single ‘Ghetto Children‘ became a Hit-Pick all over the UK and Royalties were coming in, plus I got them a Publishing contract, they begun to ‘like’ what was done. But I moved on. Got no time for ‘hustle’.

I begun to Manage and Produce Artists in Sweden, samples below. Again, Genre Hippy, were not happy but when they made 18 in the Swedish charts they soon changed their tune!

To come up to date check out the rest here at LinkedIn, so we can move on.

Here we are, FatsaFatsa. Officially Official and launched. Not happy with Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation and many others, my wife (Anna) and I, decided that there are more Unsigned Artists all over the World than signed. So, we decided to give them a ‘home’, some friendly ‘advice’ if asked, distribution for their music/works (not to be left in a draw or spread all over the net losing their value), Publishing (as that is a major in % of Royalties), Promotion and for sure ‘one on one’ contact. Yes, it’s possible, if you want it to be. Anyway, we are doing it and if you want to take part in changing the ‘Status Quo‘ you can. Go here FatsaFatsa and sign-up.

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Ex-Rock musician that later went into Management and Producing. Always looking out for 'something' different. Get 'AIRED' on my Video Wall. A World Wide TV Show, anchored by various Presenters as time goes by, aiming to give people a VOICE, Points of View regarding various TOPICS, including Freedom of Speech, the Arts (Music, Photography, Canvas, Dance, Theater....) and to provide tools that will help people EARN money. Post and Share as that will be beneficial to all.
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